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I am the Executive Officer of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation, a leading Indigenous organisation that has been in existence now for 14 years. Our primary objective is to further the land and sea interests of nine traditional owner groups stretching over a large geographical area in North Queensland.

On behalf of our traditional owner groups we negotiate a range of outcomes that ultimately benefit both our people and the broader community. A huge part of our success and fundamental to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes is the ability to form successful partnerships.

Our organisation has been working with Kathy and we have found her ability to provide expert advice amazing. When working with Indigenous Australians it is critically important to gain their trust and understanding, this enables a more open relationship to develop between the parties.

Kathy’s open friendly, honest and bubbly personality enables her to acquire the trust required to produce good outcomes for all concerned.

Her energy and resourcefulness provide the armoury Kathy needs to achieve the desired result.

Philip Rist, Executive Officer, Girringun Aboriginal Corporation

Philanthropy is considered a bit of a non event in Australia and we are often told how our culture does not lend itself to giving as it does in places like the United States of America. However I think it is not so much a lack of interest in giving that is the reason for our low philanthropic involvement, but more a lack of expertise in asking. We are a nation with very limited skills in knowing who, how and when to ask!

I have not known Kathy for very long. She visited the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in September 2010 where we discussed ways to improve and build the museum’s philanthropic program. Her advice and contacts were excellent and within two weeks of her visit Kathy had not only managed to help us fine tune our philanthropic advertising techniques, but had also set our course on the development of a web based wish list to compliment it. Within weeks she had arranged a visit by the trustees of a very motivated philanthropic trust fund that was seeking a significant regionally based organisation to support. 

Kathy knows her stuff! I am excited that she is in a position to really kick some goals in the development of a strong philanthropic culture in Australia and am looking forward to working with her in the future.

David Elliott, Chairman, Australian Age of Dinosaurs Ltd


Kathy Davis has supported the work of Queensland Arts Council enormously over the past two and a half years, mentoring staff and working well beyond what duty might require to deliver great outcomes for our organisation. She is creative, innovative, energetic, passionate and highly professional.  I cannot recommend her highly enough to any organisation which might be seeking philanthropic or business management expertise, or someone with the ability to broker partnerships across a range of sectors.

Queensland Arts Council, our Board, staff and constituents in regional Queensland are all the richer for the association we have had with Kathy. She has great abilities to focus on the task at hand, but also to think ‘outside the box’ to set and achieve objectives. I look forward to continuing working with Kathy wherever and whenever possible.

Arthur Frame AM Chief Executive Officer Queensland Arts Council 


I have known Kathy Davis in my capacity as Chairman of the Camerata of St John’s, a professional unconducted Chamber orchestra which has received mentoring from Kathy in the area of philanthropy to support its continuing development.

I have found Kathy to be a tremendously helpful person – very professional, very proactive and with a wonderful knowledge of her area of expertise.

She has great skills in the areas of business development, marketing and communication. She is particularly adept at relationship development and networking of contacts. She can put two and two together and make five!

Kathy has a good capacity for strategic thinking. Her enthusiasm would drive other Board members – and senior members of any Executive – to greater heights.

Kathy is not afraid to speak her mind. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ian Walker, Chair of the Board, Camerata of St John’s Inc and Partner and Australian Leader – Government Practice, Norton Rose Australia.


Xponential has enjoyed Kathy working with us and assisting with two clients over the past five years. Her work is exemplary, detailed, based on solid experience and as a bonus comes with personal passion for both the cause she is working with and for fundraising as a profession. Kathy is a leader in the profession.

Craige Gravestein, Director, Xponential, one of Australia’s leading national and international fundraising consultancies.


It’s my opinion that Kathy’s extraordinary ability in relation to creating cash flow is not just down to her natural skills in relation to building positive bridges with everyone she meets, but is also due to her having ‘done the hard yards’ over time in the real world.

Kathy is a natural marketer. She believes that everyone has a right to be heard and that every view is valid. She enjoys people, actively loves networking, and continually delivers the goods.

I have known Kathy for more than 20 years. We met as journalists and presenters at Channel Nine in Brisbane. Kathy’s career has been a natural extension of a God-given talent to always do good by all those with whom she connects, and to add value to every project or occasion.

Her experience is demonstrable, her drive is born of enormous personal energy, and her capability in terms of track record is there for all to see. If these are the attributes you are looking for, my own succinct advice would be: Don’t blink twice.

Warren Clarke Director, Executive Media Coaching.


Over the past two years Umbrella Studio has raised its level of professionalism to a higher standard. This achievement is due in part to the ongoing mentoring support we have received from you. You have made a difference to how we plan to move forward over the next two years in regard to philanthropic fundraising and increasing revenue that is generated outside of government.

Your influence on me personally is significant, including our individual meetings to discuss projects, the role of the Board in fundraising and other important issues. 

I am sincerely grateful for your skills and experience, sharing of networks, your infectious passion for fundraising and focused drive to meet deadlines. I can honestly say you have made a significant difference to this organisation.

Vicki Salisbury, Director, Umbrella Studio, Townsville.


Dear Kathy

Now that my two year stint as Chairman of Dancenorth draws to a close, I must thank you for your unfailing support since the commencement of the Philanthropy programme.

It must be said that your job has not been an easy one in Townsville where the whole Philanthropy concept was relatively unheard of.

The timing of the Philanthropy Manager taking up her role coinciding with the world economic crisis was a real challenge but in your typical positive fashion you pushed forward and Dancenorth was the beneficiary of your persistence.

Unlike many other arts organisations in 2009, Dancenorth went from strength to strength. The results were outstanding……..but they did not just happen……they were achieved through the dedication and hard work of everyone involved and I wish to state on the record that you Kathy – in no small way – made a major contribution to this fantastic result.

With the board soon to be under the leadership of Mike Reynolds, I feel confident that Dancenorth will continue to be one of the jewels in Dance for Queensland.

Mike Butler, Chairman, Dancenorth, Townsville, Australia's fastest growing dance company.

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for all your assistance this past year. I know that Katie, Kathy, Richard, Kerry and I would not have been able to achieve what we have here in our philanthropy area without your support, guidance and direction. It has definitely been a learning journey for me and it has been reassuring to know that someone of your experience has been in the background ready to assist when called upon.

Wishing you all the best for the future and what it may hold.

Kind Regards

Destry Puia, General Manager, The Arts Centre, Gold Coast.

One of the very first people I met on arriving to work in the arts in Brisbane was Kathy Davis and immediately I became captivated by her infectious enthusiasm to develop philanthropic funding streams for the arts. With her energy, encouragement, commitment and expertise she gave me a great foundation to build on and route map to engage philanthropic funders. Kathy has the extraordinary ability to make the art of attracting philanthropic giving appear simple and fun, and has always cheerfully given the time to steer and guide.

Kathy is inspirational.

Pat Swell MBA, General Manager, Backbone Youth Arts