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Bequests and Planned Giving – A Focus on the Future

Life expectancy has increased, families are now smaller, children can be well educated and generally high earning, and baby boomers’ frugality means a proportion are living in comfort. This sets the scene for the biggest intergenerational transfer of wealth ever to occur.

The wealthy in the 65+ age bracket are increasing.  The distribution of wealth is heavily skewed with 63% of the wealth in the hands of the richest quintile*. In other words, the older rich are getting richer. They are also skipping generations, spending kids’ inheritance and donating sizeable chunks to charity. More wills are being contested. Your program must be based on ethical principles.

For nonprofits, this transfer of wealth spells opportunity but organisational patience is required: a recognition that it takes time for a planned giving program to work.

A bequest brochure and Will clauses on the website are a beginning. However, effective, proactive planned giving is the result of leadership support, planning, policies, teamwork, building effective working relationships with donors, their advisers and families, and integration with the programs of fundraising colleagues.

The consultancy services offered include: 

*Online presentation on Career Enhancement Series: Elder Law. March 2005. Kelly, Simon. 2005 Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth - "Great Expectations".

Case for Support writing and production

As a professional writer and editor, Kathy understands the style difference of writing an inspirational case for support. This document is your campaign selling tool.

The case for support, briefly stated, is "why anyone should give you any money." Or, put another way, it is everything you can and want to say in public about your project and why it deserves the gifts of those you're asking to give.

Basically, the case for support is helpful in defining just exactly what you want to fund, why you want to fund it, and what benefit it will have to the community of people from which you're seeking donations.

Annual Giving – Direct Mail Appeals

One of the most challenging things in marketing your business today is gaining and holding the attention of your target market. The key is to differentiate yourself. In order to do this it makes sense to gain visibility amongst your target market through different channels. While there is some value in online marketing such as Facebook, it is very easy to get lost amongst the many.

Direct Mail has a proven track record of success in fundraising. It has a much higher open rate than email as more and more people suffer from Inbox inundation.

There are very few people effectively using Direct Mail. This spells an opportunity to reach your target market in a way that your competitors are not even attempting to do.  Services offered:

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